Load-Out / Ingredient Bins

Lowry Manufacturing Co. also builds load-out/ingredient bins designed for several uses. The welded steel bins, which can hold up to 4,000 bushels, can be customized to hold, unload, measure and mix corn, soybeans, meal, coal, plastic molding beads and other types of flowable product. Some bins are designed with two or more compartments, or are placed side-by-side on a single structure, which is ideal for feed and ingredient mixing. The square or rectangular design of the bins allows them to be placed side by side, enclosed with building steel, and/or painted to blend with nearby structures. When delivered to the site, bins can be erected in a minimal amount of time. Bins can be custom designed to fit into existing setups where clearance is an issue. Some options include ladders, safety cages and rest platforms.

Load-out/Ingredient bins erected on steel-beam structures can be designed for specific needs of your operation to drop thousands of bushels of product at a time. Whether it be unloading large volumes of grain or a small volume of pellets for a plastic molding process, Lowry Manufacuring Co. bins can be sized and customized just for you.

We can design a bin to fit your needs. Contact us for a quote.

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