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Safety Features - Dust Management at the Grain Receiving Station

Striving to meet the needs of large grain-handling operations, Lowry Manufacturing has designed effective dust-handling equipment for basement insert facilities.

The Problem:

Operators voiced concern that when unloading grain into drive-over receiving stations, dust and other particles generated during that process filled the air and collected on equipment and building fixtures. Additionally, some states regulate dust control due to its combustible nature.

The Solution:

The Lowry Manufacturing Co. design team developed a dust-collection system that can be built into a basement insert to remove particulate-filled air. The system has undergone extensive engineering to ensure that the proper volume of air is pulled from the basement insert-resulting not only in a cleaner, but a much safer environment. The design also allows for the reintroduction of captured particles back into the grain stream. Dust control is a big concern for grain operations because regulations may mandate that the area in and around a grain-handling facility must maintain acceptable air-quality standards. Systems designed by Lowry Manufacturing that are already in operation have been thoroughly tested and have proven to resolve those issues.

Basement Insert - High Capacity Receiving Pit - With Dust Control Option

The Lowry Basement Insert is a good solution for high-volume or commercial operations. When used in conjunction with a conveyor system, a 1,000-bushel or larger pit can be unloaded considerably faster than a conventional pit, and with less potential damage to grain (an important factor when working with seed-quality grains). The open basement setup allows for easy access to the conveyor for maintenance.