• Manufacturer of quality receiving, holding and dispatching equipment
    • Custom engineered to fit the requirements of your specific facility
    • Rugged, well thought out design results in years of dependable service
    • Serving the grain, feed, seed and plastics industries since 1973

Lowry Manufacturing Co.


Today's agriculture professionals work in a fast-paced, competitive environment. Lowry Manufacturing Co. is dedicated to providing high-quality product handling systems to compliment your project needs. Customized design, superior service and quality construction are integral to our approach. For over 40 years, we have been continually striving to provide solutions for loading, unloading, measuring and mixing of grain, feed, seed, plastic and other flowable products. We have what you need to save time, equipment and expense when it comes to safe and efficient product handling systems.

  • Stands-2
  • Bins-5
  • Bins-11
  • Basement-Insert-3
  • Basement-Insert-2
  • DumPits-2
  • Basement-Insert-18
  • Basement-Insert-13
  • Bins-8
  • Bins-19
  • DumPits-24
  • DumPits-27
  • DumPits-26
  • Basement-Insert-24
  • Bins-2
  • DumPits-20